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TILE Adhesive

Stir before using, apply adhesive with a 5mm notch trowel held at 45◦ angle for tiles of 10cm*10cm or less. Spread adhesive over an area that can be tiled within 10 minutes.

If needed apply a thin layer of adhesive on the back of the tile. Do not allow traffic over tiles prior to grouting. Let dry 24hours then check tile firmness prior to file the joints normal curing time is one week

Ready Colored mortar

EASYGROUT color grout powder, one of the cement based mortar which is identical to Britain National Standards necessities and using up-to-date Europe technology in the field of dry mortar for refractory and traditional facade bricks consist of mineral land synthetic powder leading to firm and smooth binding among bricks.


In vertical and horizontal applications of interior facades

In horizontal applications of exterior facades

Wet areas such as bathrooms & kitchens

On surfaces with sudden heat exchange

Water Insultant

The surface of the cement or brick should be completely clean and dry. Then, spray the fully transparent EASYNO solution onto the surface, and make sure the solution covers the entire surface, then allow the surface to dry for 24 hours. Now your surface is waterproof. EASYNO is environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for the user and without toxic fumes.